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Physical Therapy

So What Exactl
y Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy means different things to different people.  For some it can be a life-changing experience, and that experience depends heavily on a patient's therapist and the long-term outcome of the therapy the patient receives.

In A Nutshell

Physical therapy is performed by a licensed therapist who treats a variety of conditions related to the movement of the body.  In many cases, physical therapy is a physician's first choice in treatment rather than other more invasive procedures like surgery. At The Hammonds Centre, our therapists work closely with each patient to determine a treatment goal to attain the best long-term improvement possible

Depending on your goals and current physical limitations, your physical therapist can develop a very personalized plan to reduce pain, restore any loss of function, increase ability to move and even prevent future disability.

What Will I Be Doing?

Lots of things that you probably never thought you would.  Some of those things may look very simple at first.  They may be repetitive.  They may seem simple, or sometimes they may seem impossible.  Your therapist is trained to know what you can do, and how far you can go to get you to your goals. 

A lot of what you will do, believe it or not, is TALKING.  One of the things we value is your feedback on how your are feeling, what feels "right" and "wrong" about your movements and what you feel like you are getting out of your treatments.  We assess how you feel immediately after each therapy treatment, as well as 2-3 days post-treatment, and then adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Each physical therapy appointment will take 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  You will receive treatment in our gym exercise area, a private treatment room or sometimes a combination of both.  We ask that you wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move around in for you to be most comfortable.  Your treatment plan may include aquatic therapy as well.